Germinating cucumber seeds is a guarantee of a quick harvest

Cucumbers are some of the must-have vegetables that are grown in our latitudes in vegetable gardens, greenhouses and even on balconies. It is cucumbers that are one of the first to appear on market shelves with the arrival of spring, and many gardeners want to quickly grow their green vegetables without nitrates.

In order for cucumbers to grow faster as plants, it is necessary to carry out germination of cucumber seeds before planting them in the ground. Pre-seed cucumber is necessary treat with special microelementsthat help stimulate metabolism in the future plant and, as a result, accelerates the processes. Then the seeds must be dried and only then can they begin to germinate.

Germination of cucumber seeds begins with soaking in a damp cloth or gauze on a small saucer, which must be covered with glass to prevent water evaporation. A napkin, gauze, cotton wool must be moistened abundantly with water at room temperature, because cucumbers love water.

Very often, seed germination is combined with their hardening, for which the saucer is placed in a refrigerator or snow and kept for three days. Cucumber seeds begin to germinate after 2-3 days, after which they can be safely planted in pots with soil. Previously, the soil can be watered with a solution of brightly colored potassium permanganate. The planted seeds are covered with foil and placed in a warm place. After germination, remove the film, cucumber plants should be kept in a bright place, not forgetting to regularly water from a teaspoon and periodically feed with organic and mineral fertilizers.

When 4-5 real leaves appear, the seedlings can be safely planted outdoors.

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